Simple Solutions to surviving hard times in Nigeria

Simple Solutions to surviving hard times in Nigeria

Simple solutions to surviving hard times in Nigeria

Nigeria as a nation is experiencing and facing the most difficult times in the history of her existence. It is alarming that inflation has affected every area of our lives. The nation is seriously bleeding and entrepreneurs are experiencing hardship. To manage the situation effectively, these are suggested ways to go

(1) If you are an entrepreneur, invest in the area of basic need. E.g food, shelter, transportation, etc. Reduce your investment in the areas of luxury goods.

(2) Pay attention to DIY which means ”Do It Yourself” you must not buy everything. You can provide some of your basic need by yourself.  Do not buy what you can provide for yourself.

(3)Learn from the ant. It is a known fact that the ant save during the dry season to eat during the rainy season. Reduce your spending. Pay more attention to your basic need. Now is the best time to bring out pen  and paper. Write down what you think you need next year. Don’t be carried away by Christmas song.

(4) Start a home business with what you have: You can sell through your window. If you have a home use deep freezer, load it with iced block, cold drink, pure water, or even chicken and turkey, the profit can at least pay your NEPA bill

(5) Anything export is the best for now. Either good or service can be exported. Any business you do that you are paid in dollar is the best for now.

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